Loloi Rugs

by Erica in Home
I’m a firm believer that the most crucial element, when decorating a room, is the rug. Not only can a proportionately sized rug make a space feel larger and cozier, it has the ability to unite all the furniture and components of a room together, rounding out the overall vibe. For me, a self proclaimed textile hoarder, knowing the intricacies and methodical care that goes into the age old craft of hand knotting and weaving a rug is enough for me to know that the rugs I’ve collected over the years are worth every bit of the investment. They are functional works of art that will last several lifetimes. This is why I love Loloi, a rug company that is keeping the time honored tradition alive by making hundreds of gorgeous hand crafted rugs accessible to all. While on a recent visit to their skilled artisans in India, Loloi documented every step involved in the rug making process – from spinning raw bundles of wool into skeins to hand knotting the rug on it’s loom to the washing technique that gives each piece a one of a kind, aged appeal. This special peek into the remarkable approach inspired me to create a little outdoor oasis in the corner of my backyard, using some of my favorite Loloi pieces, like the shag rug from the Justina Blakeney x Fable Collection, with it’s rich terra cotta and mellow mustard hues, and a large, hand knotted rug from the Ashton Collection, with it’s multi-colored pattern and indigo edges. I had so much fun pushing the boundaries here, layering rugs and throw pillows of different textures to create a cozy sitting area. I must say, it’s the most popular inside and outside the house . . .

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